New Years Yoga and Meditation Retreat 2015

Starts: December 30 Ends: January 3

We live in changing times. The ancient practices of yoga and meditation open doors for our deepest being, doors to a broader view of our true nature and inner strength. This is a transformative experience. This inner change can be shared. We can all make our contribution to a better world, and in that giving… receive.

In the village of Paul, 10 minutes from the Ananda Kalyani Master Unit, the path will be driven by the ancient wisdom of Tantra Yoga, teaching us techniques and practices that allow us to develop our full potential in the various levels of existence. And in the true spirit of living in the present, we cast a look at our life and ecosystem.

This retreat is organised by Prama Academy, part of the Ananda Kalyani Master Unit.

More information at the retreat website.