Who we are

Dada Krsnananda

dada-web-01-468x530Dada is an Indian monk dedicated to the quest for self-realization and service to humanity in order to find true peace and happiness in our daily lives. He worked as a marine engineer for 8 years in Asia before devoting his life to the transformation of society. Traveled for about 130 countries since 1981, teaching and coordinating social service projects in collaboration with the United Nations, WWF, CARE, IRC, Concern, MSF. Since 1988 he worked in natural and human disaster situations in Asia and Africa during periods of drought, famine and genocide. Was the Middle East during the Gulf War, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, South America in development projects, providing food, medicine, clothing, shelter and education, creating conditions for children and people affected by these disasters. In the last ten years, Dada has been working in Europe, based in Portugal, teaching the Intuitive Science techniques of Yoga and Meditation, promoting harmony between health, mental peace, self-development and spiritual awakening for the collective well-being and of every human being in our society. This ancient science is proposed as a solution to modern problems at physical, psychological and spiritual levels.