SOLD OUT – New Year’s Eve Yoga and Meditation retreat: “The Call of the Universal”

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An inspiring way to celebrate the new year’s eve… and enter 2019 with renewed energy!

Universal’s call has come to you. Not only has the call come, but you are listening to it and it is vibrating in all the cells of your body.” – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

28th of December to 1st of January 2019

Within our being there is a desire for transformation, for transcendence. A desire to overcome individual and collective difficulties and establish ourselves in a way of being, of living, more conscious, more holistic, more real.

In this retreat the theme is “The Call of the Universal”, that force which vibrates within us, which awakens us to our true potential. It is a call to each one of us for individual transformation. It is a call for all of us to build a collective transformation.

Early registration discount are still available (details below)!



Vista Quinta

Quinta de Santa Maria – at the foot of the Serra de Sintra, a cozy farmhouse, characterized by serenity and natural beauty. The indoor decoration will be changed to reflect the spirit of simplicity of the retreat. The activity room is a very large and bright space, overlooking the Sierra, including the Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle. A place with the right energy for deep moments of inspiration and introspection.

More about the farm and pictures: see here


A moment of inspiration … This is an opportunity to enjoy moments of insight into a quiet and inspiring environment. Come and meditate in silence, do daily yoga practices, stroll in nature, eat delicious vegetarian food, and find that inner space where you are allowed to connect in a peaceful and harmonious way with other beings and the whole universe. At the same time we will have moments of interaction, reflection on our life and our role on this planet. All the moments of the retreat are opportunities to receive and share inspiration in a relaxed and family atmosphere.



  • 4 days of immersion in practices and spirit of meditation, yoga, self-knowledge.
  • Morning and afternoon yoga postures.
  • Meditation several times a day.
  • Moments of silence.
  • Sharing the knowledge and inspiration of the monk Dada Krsnananda.
  • “Tantra sadhana: practices for self-knowledge”. In this session participants will get to know the basics of meditation practice and yoga postures used in Ananda Marga and used in retreat. (Pavitra)
  • “Character, Personality and Transcendence – the Brain as Gland.” Within the scope of Bio-Psychology, the theme of the relationship of creation, evolution and spiritual transcendence of the mind with the glandular centers in the brain will be developed. (Dr Gabriel Campuzano Piña, Jayadhiira)
  • “Seva and individual and collective spiritual evolution”. In this program the participants will know the importance of service (seva) in their individual and collective spiritual evolution. (Dada Krsnananda)
  • “Walking in nature“. Tour and meditation in the mystical Serra de Sintra.
  • “Cooperative Games”. A time to work the collaboration, get to know the other participants a little better and overcome some challenges. (Suryamurti)
  • Vegetarian satvika food. (Ananda Café Team!)

Accommodation Options 

There are 3 accommodation options:


  • Floor option (accommodation in the farm): shared room, the participant should bring everything he needs to sleep (mat, sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, …).
  • Option “Double bed” (accommodation in the farm): shared room, the participant stays in a double bed shared with another person of the same gender. The bed is prepared and ready to use
  • Option “Single bed” (accommodation in the farm): shared room, the participant stays in a bed just for him. The bed is prepared and ready to use.


Contribute consciously 

This year we will make an experiment with the price! As in previous years, we have a very affordable price for what the program includes. We do this to make retreat accessible to people who have lower incomes. Additionally, this year we will give people who have more income to voluntarily help us keeping prices low, by paying a slightly higher amount.


We believe that this is a step towards a price adjusted to the contribution capacity of each one, letting the decision to be made by each participant. We invite each one to reflect how they can contribute financially to this event taking into account that it is the contribution of each one that makes this event and others possible. Note: The retreat trainers and coordinators are volunteers.


The bellow values ​​include:


  • Food, stay and all activities during 4 days and 4 nights
  • Accommodation according to the chosen modality (see section “accommodation options” above)


Booking options 


  • Price “I can help!” (B): We invite everyone who can afford to give us an additional little help, which is optional, but which allows us to keep the lowest price for anyone who needs and help Ananda Marga projects.
  • Price “I need discount!” (C): It is for those who are in a less favorable economic situation and have difficulty paying the base price. It is an option that must be used conscientiously and will be available to a limited number of people.
  • Discount of early registration: The first 10 people to make the payment of the signal will have a €20 discount on the values ​​indicated in the table.

     Application process: 

  1. Subscribe to the form: click here to open the form
  2. Receive email with payment information
  3. Pay the signal (50% of the total)
  4. With the payment of the signal the vacancy is confirmed!


  • Vacancies by type: the retreat usually runs out, sign up and pay the signal to guarantee vacancy. The number of single and double beds is limited, if you want one of these options, sign up in advance to guarantee your bed.
  • Families: There are no activities for children, nor anyone to look after kids. If you want to bring your children we will give them a lower price. Parents are responsible for ensuring that children do not make noise during the activities where silence is needed and for caring for their children. There is a separate space where children can be during activities. If more than one adult from the same family comes, we will apply a discount for adults.


Information and registration 

The registration for retreat involves the following steps:


  1. Submit this application form
  2. In the response you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay 50% of the total amount
  3. Make the payment and send the proof by email


Note: Registration is only confirmed after the proof of payment has been sent.

Information by email: [email protected]


Testimonies and pictures from previous retreats (in Portuguese)